Sector: Masterplanning

Client: Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy
Location: Doha, Qatar

Constructed with a modular, prefabricated hotel room based on a ISO 9001 container, the 500 bed m-hotel provides a striking and highly visible building when viewed on approach. The building is delicate and modern. The entrance is very clear in the centre of the façade giving direct access into a welcoming, light and airy hotel reception area. A dramatic roof plane sails overhead and forms a barrier to both heat and dust, providing welcomes shade for visitors as they arrive. The m-motel for the Qatar World Cup may be viewed as a contemporary oasis with the sheltering canopy of the roof structure providing shade for the travellers below. From this central reception area the public areas flow directly into landscaped courtyards with various different functions; restaurants and bars, leisure and entertainment. Key facilities are located centrally within the plan whilst more contemplative garden courtyards for relaxation and rest are in quieter areas towards the edge of the complex. Architecturally, the layout of the m-hotel uses tessellation as a tool to allow great flexibility from the same identical modular units. Thus all the benefits of modular construction can be harnessed to provide the same high quality hotel environments on sites of many different shapes and sizes.

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Once used as a temporary hotel, the units can be de-assembled, shipped and re-assembled in any third world country as the basis for a emergency hospital or similar charitable use.