Client: Private

Location: Egerton Terrace, London
Status: Complete

Located in the midst of an historic terrace of exemplar Grade II listed Georgian properties, this 3,500 square foot home represents a sensitive restoration and subterranean extension project.

Built in the early to mid 1800’s The Thurloe Estate / Smith’s Charity Conservation Area incorporated a number of residential developments each distinguished from one another by different details, style and materials that reflect the taste of the day. The façade protection and restoration formed a significant area of the project.

The majority of the original interior and historic features were lost throughout years of development. The significance of the interior related to the spatial arrangements and their appropriateness for a house of this type. The spatial arrangement of the front rooms was retained to maintain and protect the façade and presentation of the building.

The basement was constructed within the garden remote from the original building to protect the original listed foundation and fabric. The two structures were connected by an independent subterranean staircase. The basement served as ancillary accommodation to the main house including laundry room, gym, cinema room, steam, sauna and changing facilities.

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