Client: The Government of Qingdao

Location: Jiaozhou Bay, Qingdao
Status: Government Consultation

Red Island, Hongdao, in Mandarin, is a natural peninsula located in the Jiaozhao Bay area of Qingdao in Shandong Province, China. It is protected from the open water of East China Sea. This geographical advantage along with excellent transport links to the City make Red Island an ideal tourism and hospitality destination. HdAr carried out the concept design and master-planning for the island, with a brief to maintain the local characteristics referencing the famous local attraction, Ba Dà Guan (The Eight Passes), which is made up of eight streets named after the great military forts of the ancient times.

Red Island’s footprint and plan form can be read loosely as a circular island joined back to the mainland at its Northern edge. The design response is to create a central area housing the state building and conference facilities which is sat on a raised mount acting as the focus and reference point from other parts of the island.

Eight zones, serviced by a singular circular distribution system, are created around the edge of the peninsula to house the different functions required. Each has the ability to be completely closed off as individual private zones or have the flexibility to open up for others to visit and become part of a combined whole.

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