Client: ONdigital

Location: Battersea, London
Status: Completed

ONdigital as a company came and went very quickly; digital technology was in its infancy, but their licence to broadcast digital multiplex channels was dependent on being fully operational on the 15th November 1998. No brief was forthcoming other than meeting the date.

With our experience in broadcast, production and post-production projects and twinned with our workspace design skills we set about the task of enlivening the interior of the existing post-modern box of a building. The result seemed more like a futuristic film set with exposed services and sound control apparatus being made into features. This was then layered with a palette of materials and colours that signified and coded routes and areas through the space. On one level it’s about production and hitting a deadline, but on top of that it’s what you layer in terms of design in order to make people feel good about being there.

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